First recipe on the blog, and it’s a personal favourite!

Right, my very first recipe on the blog so here it goes!

So for this recipe I’ve decided to put the spotlight on a classic dessert: Chocolate Mousse. This dessert is one of my personal favourites for a reason: It’s rich, light as air and hugely versatile. You could serve it on it’s own, use it as a cake filling, or even shape it into quenelles, but today I’m going to show you my recipe for a family favourite of mine: Chocolate Mousse Crunch Cake.

There’s just something about this which has a special place in my archives:

The rich, fluffy chocolate mousse sitting on top of a crunchy, buttery Bourbon biscuit base, with a mound of sweet white chocolate cream on top, surrounded by sweet summer strawberries, and crowned with giant shards of marbled chocolate and those same summer strawberries dipped in chocolate. It’s also memorable to me because it’s one of the only recipes so far in which I’ve made it whilst in my pyjamas, but that’s life. 😂

So here it is, I hope you guys try it out and see what you think..

Chocolate Mousse Crunch Cake:

Basic Chocolate Mousse:
200g dark chocolate (minimum 50%-70% cocoa solids)
4 eggs
300ml double cream
1tsp vanilla extract
1tbsp caster sugar
Optional: 1tbsp liqueur, such as Baileys, Amaretto or Tia Maria
Crunch Base:
400g Bourbon Biscuits, blitzed into fine crumbs
120g Butter
White Chocolate Cream:
150ml Double Cream
1/2 tsp Vanilla Extract
100g White Chocolate, melted
Chocolate Strawberries and Marbled Chocolate Shards:
4- 5 Strawberries
140g Dark Chocolate
50g White Chocolate
8-10 Strawberries
1. Line a 23cm springform tin bottom with greaseproof or parchment paper and make sure it is well lined and fastened around the outside of the tin.
2. Melt the butter in a saucepan on a low heat. Once melted, add your biscuit crumbs and mix well. If it looks too dry, add some more butter or vegetable oil. Once well mixed, pack into the tin and smooth down well. Chill in the fridge for 30-45 mins.
2. Break the chocolate up into small squares and place into a heatproof metal bowl with the butter. Set this over a pan of simmering water and heat over a low heat until the chocolate is melted. Once melted, set aside to cool. You don’t want your chocolate to be too hot when you add the eggs. Chocolate mousse? Amazing. Chocolate scrambled egg yolks? Not so amazing.
2. Meanwhile, separate the egg yolks and whites into 2 large bowls., Set aside the egg yolks and whip the egg whites with an electric whisk until it reaches the soft peaks stage. This is where the mousse gets its air bubbles from so the more stiff the whites, the more aerated your mousse will be. Do not overwhip or it will collapse and you’ll end up with a dense mousse.
3. Clean the electric whisk beaters and pour the double cream into another separate bowl with the caster sugar. Put the beaters back into the electric whisk and whip the cream until it becomes softly whipped. Again, it is overly whipped, it will not fold into the mousse properly and you will have lumps of cream mixed in.
4. Break up the egg yolks a little with a fork and whisk this into the chocolate with the vanilla extract and if using, your desired liqueur of choice. Do not worry if it clumps together, as you will be folding this into the egg whites and you will still retain that silky texture.
5. Once combined, carefully fold the chocolate mixture into the egg whites with a metal spoon, ensuring you do not knock the air out but also ensure that there are no lumps of white remaining in the mixture. Finally, gently fold in the whipped cream, again ensuring the mixture is silky with no lumps. This will ensure that your mousse will set with a fluffy texture.
6. Carefully spoon the mousse mixture into the tin and chill for 4-5 hours until firm.
7. For the chocolate strawberries and marbled bark, melt the dark chocolate in a bowl over a pan of simmering water. Once melted, dip the 4 strawberries into the chocolate and leave to set onto some foil, then set aside the leftover dark chocolate.
8. In another bowl, melt the white chocolate over the same pan of water. Once melted, take off the heat and fill a paper or plastic piping bag with a tablespoon (15g) of the white chocolate and drizzle this over the now set strawberries.
9. On a large piece of foil, smooth the dark chocolate over with a palette knife. Once smoothed over, spoon the white chocolate on in blobs and using a metal or wooden skewer, marble the white and dark chocolate together, feel free to create your own pattern in the chocolate. Once marbled, leave to set but do not place into the fridge, as this causes the chocolate to lose it’s shine.
10. When the mousse cake is firm enough, carefully run a hot knife around the cake and then unfasten the tin. Take the paper off on the bottom, remove the tin bottom and transfer to a plate or cake stand.
11. For the chocolate cream, whip the cream in a bowl until it is a soft texture. (It helps to ensure the bowl is chilled as the cream will whip faster)
11. When the cream is whipped, fold in the white chocolate and vanilla and pile the cream into the middle of the cake.
12. To decorate, place the plain strawberries around the centre of the cake and place the chocolate strawberries on top of the cream, break up the set chocolate shards into pieces and decorate on top of the cake. Serve and enjoy.
Thanks guys 🙂
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